working group



The Virtual Health Library in the area of Dentistry (VHL Dentistry) it has by principle the enhancement and the development of professionals linked to the academic activities and to the interested parties in education continuous as personal enrichment. It is tried, also, of a space where the population can seek general information on the specialty.

Objective: The working group constituted by representatives of the Information System Specialized in Dentistry (SIEO) will prove the trajectory laid out for the construction of the VHL Dentistry, focusing the brought about actions, the problems arisen, the progresses reached to date and the future actions. In addition, it will pass on the carried out experience in working on with SIEO, with the Advisory Committee of the VHL Dentistry and with the BIREME using audioconferência for integration and consolidation of activities of the group.


Public target: librarians and interested parties in general in the development of the VHL Dentistry.


Coordination: Telma de Carvalho, technical director of the Service of Odontological Documentation of the School of Dentistry of the USP.


Language: Portuguese


Duration: 8 hours