working group

Scientific comunication

September, 19-20


The VHL Communication Working Group targets the discussion of this information source which includes, on one hand, the publishing means of traditional news like broadcast, such as bulletins, journals and journalistic texts of scientific dissemination, as well as new types consolidated by the Internet such as interest and discussion lists, blogs etc. On the other hand, there are asynchronous interactive means, such as forums, and synchronous means, such as chats and audio and video conferences.

The objective is to evaluate and to recommend policies, actions, and strategies aimed at strengthening and disseminating the use of these means in VHL with the objective of promoting universal and equitable access to health information and knowledge. In particular, the WG will deal with strategies and mechanisms to strengthen the development of learning environments. The Working Group will present two panels. The first one will be focused on Scientific Journalism and the second one on the exchange of information, experiences and knowledge in the scope of Virtual Communities and Communities of Practices.