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September, 19 to 20 - 2005

About the meeting VHL-4

The VHL Regional Coordination Meeting is the most important exchange forum in the cooperative network of institutions that produce, intermediate and use scientific and technical information in the VHL. On September 19 and 20, before the CRICS 7/ICML9 Congress, the 4th Meeting, named BVS4, will take place.

The VHL construction is collective and an integral part of the research, teaching and service systems in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its objective is to promote equitable access to information and knowledge on health and to develop national and institutional capacities to manage sources and flows of information as basic conditions to increase the efficiency, efficacy, quality and transparence of healthcare systems. The VHL model is designed to provide information about contexts and processes related to collective and individual health; in other words, the decisions and activities should be supported by access to and use of updated scientific, technical and factual information and knowledge. The collective process to establish the VHL is based on the cooperative development of information products, services and events.

The purpose of the Regional Coordination Meeting is to analyze the current progression of the VHL at regional, national, thematic and institutional levels.

BVS4 and Working Group Format

BVS4, like the previous meetings, will have plenary sessions, in the morning - September 19 - and in the afternoon - September 20. All the working groups will meet in the afternoon (19) and in morning (20).

The morning plenary session on September 19 aims to present the regional and international development of the VHL, including a presentation by the host country, Brazil.

The working groups are designed to address specific areas and topics in developing the VHL and to put forward action lines and recommendations to improve and strengthen the VHL. The recommendations are usually intended to be implemented and to cause impact within the next two years.

The purpose of the afternoon plenary session on September 20 is to present and discuss the recommendations provided by the working groups, which will guide the development of the VHL in the next two years. The Declaration of Salvador for Equitable Access to Information and Knowledge on Health will be discussed and approved.

Participation in the BVS4

The participation in the 4th Regional Coordination Meeting of the VHL is opened to the interested parties in general, not being necessary previous registration. However, those that might be interested in participating in the 9º World Congress of Health Information and Libraries should make their registration in the ICML9.